Whale Watching Iceland

15 Dec

Whale Watching Iceland – Why Iceland Is Best Destination

Do you want to go whale watching in Iceland? Iceland is Europe’s most sparsely populated country. It’s also geologically and volcanically active. Its location in the North Atlantic Ocean makes it a perfect place to go whale watching. This guide gives you 7 reasons to go whale watching, Iceland and what to do when preparing to travel to this beautiful country. They are:

Iceland’s Whales Are Famous Worldwide

  • Iceland whales are among the best known across the world. That’s because the North Atlantic Ocean is among the best locations to go whale watching Worldwide.
  • You get to watch whales, seals, puffins and dolphins play in their natural habitat.

Long History of Whale Watching

  • Iceland has a long tradition of whale watching. That’s because of its ocean location and also perfect weather for marine life.

Different Types of Whales

  • Another reason why you should whale watching in Iceland is the many different types of whales you will encounter. They include orcas, humpbacks, finbacks, pilot whales and right whales.
  • It’s an amazing experience when sightseeing these species fly in the water among other marine animals and fish.

Awesome Photos

  • You will also get to shoot whale photos that will rival those of National Geographic. Depending on the whale watching cruise you choose, you will get to shoot photos of whales from under the water’s surface, or with almost 90% of its body above the water surface.

Whale Watching Guides

  • Another reason to go whale watching Iceland is the experience that whale watching tour guides offer. They have both training in marine natural sciences as well as safety.
  • They enable you to learn more about whales as you enjoy seeing them fly the ocean waters.

Whale Cruises

  • You will get to board whale watching cruises that are whale friendly. That’s because many whale watching Iceland cruises offer boat rides that have noise reduction features, whale protection devices and low emission engines.
  • That enables them to protect the majestic whales from excess underwater noise, pollution and also the ships’ propellers.

Family Experience

  • Another reason to go whale watching Iceland is that everybody gets to enjoy this experience. That’s because you get guaranteed whale sightings and various modes of sightseeing vessels.
  • You can choose fishing boats, canoeing or kayaks. That enables you to enjoy relaxed and quiet whale watching in Iceland.

What to Do – How to Prepare

  • Iceland’s weather can work in both ways. That means you should prepare for both warm and cold weather.
  • When choosing the best whale watching Iceland tour cruise, ensure you select those that offer various modes of vessels to hire. That enables you to choose that suit your needs.
  • Ask for written estimates. That ensures you plan your budget and avoids getting into payment disputes when you finish your whale watching in Iceland tour.
  • Check your insurance companies’ travel covers. That enables you to get help in the case that you need one.

Final Thoughts

Whale watching in Iceland should be easier using the above guide. Check your budget estimates and online reviews of tour companies for the best results.

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