Visit Icelandic Caves – Feel the Nature Closely

Iceland is known as a place with a large number of subterranean caves and ridges. Iceland has been designated as an island, due to the fact that it is positioned on the ridges of the midAtlantic Ocean. Iceland is one of the most highly active volcanic and geothermal regions in the world, and this amazingly different geological state has resulted in the development of some of the very exceptional and distinctive rocky formations in the country. You can find such geological wonders of nature both on land as well as under water. Due to the presence of large numbers of active volcanoes in the region, many tubular caves have been formed as a result of molten lava flows under the ground. These caves are most often formed when the magma above them hardens into rock as it cools down. Tourists visiting Iceland can make special tours into these caves with the help of professional guides, specialized in the field of caving. These excursions are not limited to any specific time of the year, and can be enjoyed all year round. However, to ensure safety of the visitors, the authorities have marked or categorized different caves as safe to visit at different times of the year. The most famous and popularly visited cave sites include Gjábakkahellir cave, located close to the National Park of Þingvellir, which may be explored during the summers. The other most popular site is the Leiðarendi cave, located near the Bláfjöll region, and open for tours during winter.

It is interesting to note that Iceland is one of the only countries in the world where tourists are allowed to explore underground magma or lava chambers. There are several tour operators offering a wide variety of caving activities to adventure enthusiasts visiting Iceland. You are also given the option to include other activities with your caving trip, such as snorkeling and diving, allowing you to have a great underwater experience exploring the deep sea ridges and rock formations.

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