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12 Feb

The Gateway To Iceland, How To Get Here And What To See

Many travel agencies have specialized in creating a gateway to Iceland by making your travel arrangements easier, so you may have the chance to visit the incredible places in the country; Iceland is among the coolest places you may wish to visit during holidays. It is important to plan well for your tour to our beautiful island.

You can get to Iceland by use of sea or air transport. There may be direct flights to Iceland depending on your country of origin.

In most cases, you will be required to connect to airlines that offer direct flights to the great island. Finding the most important tour operators will be useful in ensuring that you have an unforgettable experience during your trip. A nice platform to use is dohop, where you can put in a place of origin and destination and it will search multiple sites for offers to compare flights and find the best price. You can try that out here:

Known Icelandic companies that fly to Iceland would be wowair and Icelandair, but some foreign companies are also starting to fly over during high season such as Norwegianair, easyjet and Iberia. The dohop platform will compare all these and more with each other, so I highly recommend using it.


Exploring this fantastic island


Iceland is a country situated in the North Atlantic Ocean on the east of Greenland. It brims with a culture of amazing colors and holds firm to their traditions. Sea and air transport are the only means of reaching the Island the fact that a water body surrounds it. It is one of the enormous Islands in the North-Atlantic Ocean and is known to have a luxurious lifestyle.

There are many exciting experiences you are likely to encounter on your tour to Iceland. It offers budget-friendly vacation packages, and you get to enjoy other outdoor activities such as Dog Sledding and scenic beauty of nature in places such as the Iceland Blue Lagoon. It is also the best place for those who like ice climbing. And has several tourist attractions such as the Northern Lights and The Golden Circle.

It is one of the best countries to explore during vacations or holidays as it guarantees unforgettable experiences.


The top seven places to visit in Iceland


Most people usually gain interest in touring high places and having wonderful experiences that would make their lives memorable. While thinking of tour destinations in the New Year, Iceland should be among your priorities as you are likely to see the greatest wonders of nature and their enjoyable culture.


The Northern Lights

You will have a great experience viewing the variations in color that form in the sky depicting the beauty of nature. Collisions between charged particles from the sun and the gaseous particles released from the Earth’s atmosphere is what creates the Northern Lights. Aurora borealis is the name given to the views which are visible in the north of the hemispheres above the magnetic poles.


When is the best time to see the northern lights?


The Northern Lights can be viewed in particular months of the calendar which requires you to have a strategic plan to have a chance at the scenery. The official season of seeing the Aurora runs from October through March. However, fluctuations are likely to occur during the periods in which the Northern Lights appear in Iceland. You can always have the next visit in situations where you do not see the sightings. It is also advisable to plan earlier and know much about the seasons of the Northern Lights to get a perfect experience during your tour.

Gullfoss Waterfall


This waterfall is among the best places you can visit in Iceland being the favorite attraction sites in the country. It is situated in the Canyon and has impressive natural surroundings. You can visit the site during summer where the plunge is usually stronger. The waterfall has three step terraces and receives a powerful stream from river Hvita. The area is not secured by any rails, and hence you can admire the view from any distance.

The Blue Lagoon


It is the greatest human-made geothermal spa in the country situated on Reykjanes Peninsula in Grindavik, Southern Iceland. Most tourists usually wonder why the water is blue. It has a unique composition featuring Algae, Silica, and minerals as the main active ingredients. Reflection from sunlight with the Silica gives it the blue appearance. There are interesting facts about the Blue Lagoon. It carries a water capacity of nine million liters and renews itself after every forty hours. You are sure to enjoy swimming in this attraction site which gives you an exciting experience.

Whale watching

It is among the rare opportunities to find in several countries across the world. In Iceland, you can have a glance at the gentle marine giants in various locations such as Reykjavik. Most of the travel agencies area able to make arrangements for the whale watching tours and you can pay a visit from May to September. You can also enjoy the whale meat hunted by Icelanders as it is part of their culture.

The Golden Circle tour

The Golden Circle is famous among most tourists who visit Iceland and covers several beautiful landmarks. The visitors are usually guided by the golden circle Iceland map which gives the shortest route to view the landmarks within a short period. Some would always prefer to drive their vehicles or rent a car when driving through the shortest path. It gives you enough time to take photos, and you can always stop at your convenience. It is the greatest tourist trail in the country which offers access to geysers, waterfalls and national parks. It is one of the best ways to see the beautiful places in Iceland and guarantees an exciting road experience.


It is a popular destination for tourists visiting the country having multicolored rhyolite mountains, the Hekla volcano, and the lava fields. Some of the popular activities in this area include horse riding and hiking. You are likely to experience the stunning landscapes which give you a perception of a different kind of planet. You can visit the Landmannalaugar at summer to get a glimpse at the vast landscapes and wonders of nature.

The Great Geyser



The Great Geyser has been in existence for quite a long time located in south-western Iceland. Boiling water gushes up to a distance of seventy meters above the surface. The water generated deep below the surface is spouted out when it reaches the boiling point followed by steam. It is usually an awesome attraction site you must see during your tour to the Iceland.

Reasons why you should visit Iceland; A country of contrasting landscapes

Iceland is sometimes referred to as the Land of Fire and Ice where you will find several glaciers and dozens of volcanoes. All types of volcanoes both active and extinct combines with hot springs, geysers and plenty of lava fields. You will also see a variety of waterfalls and several lakes, fjords, rivers and other small islands such as the Westman Islands. The Golden Circle should be your priority as it gives you a full experience of many attraction sites at once.

Their Cultural Heritage

Iceland is known to be wealthy in their cultural heritage which can be seen from the folktales concerning sorcerers, family sagas, and mythical creatures such as elves, ogres, and trolls. Spend some time at the Hafnarfjorour and Lambi where it is believed to be a home for the elves. You can inquire from the locals about more stories or tour the Icelandic Wonders Museum.

The winter wonderland

Winter is common on the island and is depicted from the snow covering the plains and mountains. You can have some fun such as hiking and dog sledding which are common outdoor activities in the Iceland. You are likely to view the beautiful scenery of the Aurora Borealis in the different areas of the country. Blafjoll is among the greatest ski resorts in Iceland and is a few distance drive from Reykjavik, the capital city.


Iceland is a country rich in music. You get to enjoy the folk songs originating from local pubs and small villages. The classical music from theaters and concert halls will give you what the Icelanders relish in their culture. Reykjavik Jazz Festival brings together most of the jazz fans who would always love what they do and enjoy the music to the maximum.

Horse Tours

There are several interesting outdoor adventures in Iceland, and they are known to have a small but unique horse breed compared to other countries. It is one of the amazing experience you should try while touring the Iceland. The Icelandic horses are sure-footed and can be used to explore different terrains in the country. The horse tours are widely available in the country and may vary depending on the duration and itineraries.

When is the best time to visit Iceland?

It is always important to plan earlier if you are touring the Iceland for the first time. December to February are the coldest periods in the countries often termed as the iciest months. It is usually a spectacular time to tour the magnificent island and though you should be prepared for low temperatures. Have an appropriate thermal gear during this season. If you want to have a glimpse of the Northern Lights, then you can make visits during the months of September to October or February to March. The midnight sun usually occurs in the months of June and July, and you might need to adjust to the steady Arctic light. Exploring the Iceland will give you an unforgettable experience and a chance to learn the culture of the people living in the country. It is one of the countries that has the most beautiful sceneries, and you will appreciate the great wonders of nature.

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