Riding The Icelandic Horse

16 Dec

Riding The Icelandic Horse

People who have visited Iceland know that apart from the beauty of its natural habitat and scenic landscapes, the country is famous for being an amazing wildlife sanctuary. The people of Iceland are regarded as environmentally conscious and peaceful, and have aimed to preserve its natural beauty and untamed wilderness. Among other popular tourist activities, such as whale and bird watching, horse riding could be one of the most interesting parts of your Icelandic experience. The country of Iceland is well known across the equestrian world as the home of small-sized horses, known as Icelandic horses. It is a unique breed of horse that came to Iceland approximately a thousand years ago, and subsequently flourished in the region. According to historians and archaeologists, the Icelandic horse is originally from Norway; however, this breed has almost become extinct in most other parts of the world. Due to the vast area of uninhabited land in Iceland, the horses here have found a sanctuary where they can survive and flourish.

The Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse is best suited for riding across rough terrain, due to its sturdy footed movements. What separates the Icelandic horse from the other breeds is the additional two gaits that it can display. These additional movements include the lateral ambling gait, in a four-beat manner, known as the “tölt”. This movement is responsible for the high speeds that the horse can attain while riding comfortably. The other gait is the flying pace, or more commonly called the “Skeið”. This is also a high-speed pace commonly utilized in racing situations, however it is not suited for longer journeys and other travelling purposes.  These types of horses which although are very light-weight and small in size, are frisky, and able to provide an amazing riding experience.

Icelandic horse riding

Icelandic horse riding is a fun-filled, as well as adventurous experience which is not for the faint-hearted. People who love horses and wildlife will have the time of their lives. Horse riding has been one of the best ways for exploring the natural beauty of nature. It allows you to see the breathtaking views and stunningly wonderful panoramas of the Icelandic landscape, which you may miss if travelling in any other way. You get to feel the cool breeze running through your hair and skin as you view and smell the great outdoors and the untamed wildlife. There are a number of riding tours available in Iceland that you can choose from. If you are more interested in the horses themselves rather than riding them, you can visit the stud farms, most of which are located only a few miles away from the town Reykjavik, and experience close interaction with these beautiful creatures of Iceland. You can explore the various options that are available and choose the one that suits your needs and requirements.

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