Iceland tourism

8 Dec

Iceland Tourism

The majority of tourists in Iceland come from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries but Iceland is increasingly attracting visitors from other countries, especially China, whose people, with their increased spending power, are increasingly choosing to spend that money around the world by visiting ‘exotic’ countries. When in the country tourists will visit a number of different areas but the most popular attraction are perhaps the capital region around Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon, Vos, Skaftafell and Akureyri.

One of the exciting things about Iceland is that it is still volcanically active – to a great extent! It is growing all of the time. Lots of tourists make the most of this and visit the locations of volcanoes themselves, such as Krafla. Often there are interesting features nearby, such as Lake Myvatn near Krafla which is a geothermal lake rich in birdlife. According to Icelandic legend, Satan himself was cast down to Earth at this very spot, only to be banished by local light elves who then turned his ‘Catacombs of Hell’ into their capital city. Much of the water in the area is suitable for bathing but it can be extremely hot and if you do go to a ‘non tourist’ part of the area it is worth asking a local before taking a dip!

The national parks are very popular for tourists and they are a good place to see the famous aurora borealis (northern lights), especially if you visit in the winter. In fact, the country varies a lot through the seasons and depending on what you want to do you should plan your visit to suit this. Winter is best for the northern lights but spring and autumn tend to be best if you don’t want to see too many other people (they tend to be the ‘off seasons’ for tourists. The summer is the main tourist season and will cost you more money – although Iceland is BEAUTIFUL in the summer!

A fantastically diverse and beautiful country with lots to offer, Iceland is an adventure that you will never forget!

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