Iceland largest Church - Hallgrímskirkja

11 Sep

Iceland largest Church – Hallgrímskirkja

In 1937 the Icelander architect was commissioned to design a specific church, which would be affected by the phantasmagorical landscape of Iceland. It’s a stunning similarity to the Black Fall, that are said to be a primary impact of the church’s layout.

A Lutheran church is the largest one in Iceland. Additionally it is among the tallest buildings in the nation not to mention the one that is most notable. Its summit, that lifts for 74,5 m (244 feet), can be seen from far away.


It took 38 years to construct Hallgrímskirkja. An enormous pipe organ quite frequently used and are placed in the church during the church service, but also by the recording artists. A point of view on top of the church provides a panoramic view of the mountains and the capital, encompassing it.

Iceland is a nation that is beautiful, with exceptional and astonishing nature. The Nordic cities are inviting and cosy. Hallgrímskirkja is undoubtedly the must see in Iceland.

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