5 Oct

Iceland in winter

By the name, you would not think that Iceland is a wonderful place to be in the winter and does anyone actually go to Iceland in winter to find this out? The nation is known for the cold atmosphere and difficult winters, however the the answer is yes. During this time, this place is serene and quiet with a fraction of the people there that you would see at other parts of the year.


Winter in Iceland always looks like a storybook, set in a fairy tale land. This is because of the magnificent glaciers that are everywhere throughout the country. During the summer months, tourists come to see the flowing water that melts partially when it is warmer. The glaciers in the winter, however, are even more breath-taking. These land characteristics are major tourist attractions but if you find the chance to see them in the winter, don’t hesitate! It is definitely one thing that everyone should see at least once in their life.

Overall, the temperatures of Iceland during the winter are not incredibly unbearable. Of course, this is depending on what area of the world you are coming from. If you are used to living in 90 degree weather all year round, these temperatures might come as a bit of a shock. But for most, it is manageable. The winters are usually around 32 degrees in the southern parts and around 15 degrees in the north. Often times, the actual act of precipitation can be extremely unpredictable. One minute, it could look like there is a blizzard outside. Ten minutes later, it could be sunny and beautiful. This unpredictable weather could come as a shock to any visitor, however, you get used to it after a while. You simply must always be prepared for any kind of weather! One small quirk about Iceland is that the days are extremely short as well in the winter. Most of our days begin somewhere around six or eight in the morning and our daylight goes away around those same hours in the evening. Iceland, however, has daylight in the winter from about eleven o’clock in the morning to around three-thirty in the afternoon. Regardless, every local goes on about their day just like any of the rest of us would. They are just simply in the dark for most of it. As a result, they have made sure to have very well-lit streets in all areas.


One of the major perks of visiting during the winter is that travel is almost a third of what it is in the summer. It is usually much easier to find a place to stay because the demands on Iceland’s tourism industry are much less. Airline tickets with Iceland as the destination drop drastically and can seriously cut some costs on your trip. When the airlines are less crowded, this leads to the next best thing about Iceland in the winter: tourists. It is wonderful just how many landmarks you can see without having to weave in and out of other families trying to see the same thing. It is no wonder everyone wants to see Iceland, but it definitely makes it a hassle if you choose to go during the summer.


A fun thing to do in the winter is to go swimming. It sounds like a crazy idea due to Iceland’s low temperatures, but the island has many hot springs that are used to heat public swimming pools. These have been created by heat from volcanic springs and provide entertainment during the winter months. Another characteristic of Iceland are the northern lights. There are several amazing places to see them and winter is the perfect time to look. Iceland’s natural phenomena are things that you simply have to see in person.

You won’t miss out on anything when visiting Iceland in the winter. There are always plenty of things to do. Yes, it is cold, but not unbearable. It is easy to adjust to a colder climate if you come prepared and ready for all sorts of weather. Even someone who does not like the cold would think Iceland is absolutely gorgeous. Some of the views and experiences you can have in this country during the winter are things that cannot and should not be missed.


Iceland is an amazing place to visit any time of year, but it is particularly enchanting during the winter season. With the Northern Lights putting on their glowing display and the beautiful landscapes covered in snow, it’s truly a winter paradise. There are opportunities for winter sports and plenty of places for a hot meal and warm drink to cozy up with at night. Another great benefit of visiting during winter is that prices for lodging and travel are generally lower as this is the off-season.


When visiting Iceland in winter, you must see the Northern Lights. Iceland offers one of the best locations on the planet to see the amazing display. The weather can be unpredictable, snowing one minute with sunshine the next, but this makes for beautiful opportunities for photographers. Winter is not the best time for those wishing to see native Icelandic wildlife, but the hot springs, waterfalls and glaciers make up for the lack of animals.

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