Iceland Glacier Tours - Want To Try Ice Climbing

6 May

Iceland Glacier Tours – Want To Try Ice Climbing

Don’t Miss the Ice Climbing Experience
Ice and snow is one of the most common sights when it comes to visiting Iceland in the winter. Being one of the largest islands in the Arctic countries, and with a large number of glaciers in the region, Iceland is a great place to go ice climbing. Anyone planning to visit Iceland can have a full ice climbing experience, due to the four thousand square miles of glaciers spread across the country. Due to its moderate climate, ice climbing can be carried out throughout the year. The most famous ice climbing destinations for tourists in Iceland include the glaciers of Sólheimajökull and Svínafellsjökull. Ice climbing tours are mostly day trips that depart from the town of Reykjavik, and tourists interested in the activity can book their tours in advance..
The amazing adventure of ice climbing can be combined with hiking on the slopes of these majestic glaciers. Even if you might be a hardcore adventurer, it is strictly advised that all such glacier hiking and climbing endeavors should be done only with the help of a trained professional guide. Other popular adventure activities that you may combine with ice climbing and glacier walking include jeep safaris as well as sailing on the glacier lagoons in a beautiful little boat.

There are several small and large tour operators in Iceland which provide well-trained and qualified professional guides along with their glacier tours. These guides are mostly locals who have extensive knowledge about the region and have gained sufficient experience in these activities. So, if you want to experience the amazingly thrilling activity of exploring the wild and natural beauty of Iceland, then do not forget to book an ice-climbing trip on your visit to the country. Tour operators offer tours of varying duration, difficulty levels, and price ranges, which can be combined with other activities to suit your individual needs and budget. Browse through the available options and select the one most appropriate to your requirements. Once you have booked a tour, make sure to follow the guidelines provided by the tour operator. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing, as well as gloves, caps and other waterproof materials required for ice climbing. Most of the ice-climbing tools will be provided the tour guide themself, however some professional equipment can also be hired on rental basis.

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