Dog Sledding Iceland – An Unforgettable Experience

16 Dec

Dog Sledding Iceland – An Unforgettable Experience

If you are a dog lover and wish for a holiday with the dogs of the snow, then dog sledding is an activity you would love. It is an adventure of being carried away in a sledge by a lovable pack of dogs, while you make your way through the breathtakingly beautiful and scenic landscapes of Iceland.

Dog sledding in Iceland

All dog lovers visiting Iceland on their vacation should add this activity to their Iceland vacation package. It is ideal for adventure lovers, and provides an amazing and unforgettable adrenaline rush through your brain and body. Dog sledding is an activity that brings together the thrill of adventure and the relaxation of sightseeing in the beautiful natural landscapes of snowy Iceland. Dog sledding is one of the most popular tourist activities in the country, and is practiced all year round. Whether you are visiting in the summer or in the winter, you can enjoy as ledge ride with your family and friends. The activity is designed for tourists of all age groups and can be ideal for couples, individuals or groups visiting Iceland. Dog sledding is a wonderful activity involving the creation of a harmonic balance between the canines and the natural scenery of the land. While passing through silent hills covered with white shining snow, one feels enchanted by the sounds of dogs breathing, together with the soft, smooth gliding sound of the sledge as the pack of dogs pull your sledge through the trees.  For those of you who have a sensitive approach towards nature and wants to conserve its beauty, dog sledging is an environmentally friendly activity requiring no gas or fuel, and creates no pollution of any kind. It is a unique experience that you may not be able to get anywhere else in the world.

Dog sledding tours

There are a number of different companies and tour operators that provide dog sledding services to tourists. The tours are mostly guided by sledge drivers, known as mushers. Mushers are trained professionals who know how to handle the dogs and take you through the most beautiful sights of the country.  During the tour, you can make brief stops to take photographs at places of your choice, making your trip a more memorable one. If you really love dogs, you can pet and play with them during your brief stopovers, as most of the dogs are friendly and loving towards people. Even when it is summer and there is no snow on the ground, dog sledding is very popular. With a few modifications, such as wheels on the sledge bottom, as well as a steering and braking system, the sledge is converted into a small cart that the dogs can pull.  It is not the same as sledding through the snow, but it is no less of an enjoyable experience.  Holmes is one of the best locations for dry land dog sledding, as it is a large natural river in the form of a glacier.

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