Icelandic weather is not what one would typically expect considering its location on the globe. Iceland, which closely borders the Arctic, would be expected to […]

The majority of tourists in Iceland come from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries but Iceland is increasingly attracting visitors […]

By the name, you would not think that Iceland is a wonderful place to be in the winter and does anyone actually go to Iceland […]

Katla is a large, active Iceland volcano situated in southern part. It is known to be very dangerous. From 930 to 1918, record shows that it has erupted […]

Hekla is a composite Icelandic volcano, known as stratovolcano, is conically made of many layers of deadened lava, pumice, volcanic ash, and tephra. Iceland’s Heckla is noted […]

Iceland – The Island of Volcanoes Volcanoes and volcano eruption are plentiful in Iceland. Iceland is situated in the ridge of the mid Atlantic zone […]

In 1937 the Icelander architect was commissioned to design a specific church, which would be affected by the phantasmagorical landscape of Iceland. It’s a stunning […]

In the 9th century a Scandinavian sailor revealed a peculiar place known as Iceland. Iceland is conspicuously located at the north of the Atlantic Ocean […]